Your 2020 review.

Ali Zakaria
2 min readJan 15, 2021

After every year, it’s very beneficial to evaluate ourselves.

To know where we have been physically, socially, mentally, and financially.

To be proud of our accomplishments and work on our shortages and setbacks. To have a panoramic view of our lives and how our beliefs have changed. That will lead to improving our lives in the upcoming year.

Reviewing your year will force you to reflect on it and have insights and reflections.

I believe that questions direct our focus, so we will use questioning to review your year.

Write every question and its answer on a piece of paper.

1- Do I deal with a year as something valuable, and I can achieve goals in it?

2- Was I aware of it passing by?

3- What are the things that I intended to do last year?

4- What was my major attitude last year?

5- What was my dominant emotion last year?

6- What are the things that I am proud of last year?

7- How much was I in control of my life last year?

8- What are my regrets for this year?

9- What are the things I have learned this year?

10- On a scale from 1 to 10, how was my

· Mental health

· Physical health

· Social life

11- How much authenticity did I experience last year? Why?

12- How was my relationship with money last year? Do I hate it, control it, or let it control me?

13- Overall how was my year?

After finishing answering these questions, read what you wrote and ask yourself and practice self-compassion. Self-compassion merely is treating yourself as if you are someone you love and care about. Most of the time, we underestimate our achievements because our mind can not stop wanting more. Be aware of your mind trying to make you feel guilty for not achieving last year

And at the end, ask yourself.

How do I want to answer these questions next year?

Happy new year 2021

Ali Zakaria

Ali Zakaria, Judge and Best-selling author of the book “The Forgotten Art of Happiness — 52 ideas that ‎will change your life.