If you do not like your job but do not know what to do, read this.

Ali Zakaria
3 min readJan 13, 2021

Job satisfaction became the principal concern since the beginning of the twenty-first century. I don’t remember my grandfather talking about passion, doing what he loves to do, or job satisfaction. As the human race evolved throughout the year’s food and shelter didn’t remain our main concern. We want to be happy because we are no longer afraid that a lion will eat us tomorrow while trying to get some food for our kids.

We don’t settle for work that only provides money.

Before talking about finding out what you love, I want to remind you that food and shelter are way more important than doing something you love that takes them away from you. It would be best if you were grateful for your work while looking for the better one.

Random search:

Google or search in the library about every idea that comes through your mind no matter how weird it seems or if you did not think about it before. Attend every event that interests you, no matter how awkward you will feel attending it.

After a while, you will discover that there’s a topic that time flies while you are watching, reading, or talking without you noticing, a sense of fulfillment that you feel while doing, watching, talking, or listening about this thing.

That will lead us to the next thing that you should notice “The flow state” the flow state is the state you are in when your competencies and skills are challenged with something that forces you to stretch yourself to overcome. Monitor yourself while going through different activities and discover which activity or topic makes you feel joyfully challenged.

Passion may change through time because you change through time. Many people face the problem after starting following their love because they try to seek approval from the closed people who do not feel the same feeling of excitement and joy. When they don’t get this approval, they become discouraged. In the beginning, don’t try to explain what you are doing, and when someone asks you, tell them I am just trying new things, or it is just an experiment. On the other hand, start building or joining a passionate community about the same thing you are passionate about, so you will not feel isolated or weird.

The next problem is that people are trying to profit from it very early after finding their passion. The right thing to do is explore and discover your love for two years, at least joining communities, watching, attending seminars, and making it easier to monetize your passion.

You will discover that there are a lot of people that are creatively monetizing your passion.

In the end, don’t hate your job; I am not telling you to love it but be neutral because you cannot find something you love while you realize the energy of hatred.

Ali Zakaria

Ali Zakaria, Judge and Best-selling author of the book “The Forgotten Art of Happiness — 52 ideas that ‎will change your life.