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The average person will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media every day. Social media, whether we are aware or not, is affecting our lives. The message that we are exposed to consciously affects our mode and productivity; therefore, significant corporations repeatedly repeat their advertisements to influence us unconsciously. If we decide to make a better and more beneficial social media experience, we can. Here some tips you can do so if you apply them.

1- Unfollow any cynical friend or page on Facebook (don’t they will not know), and they will still be your friend, and…

If you want to mess up your life, apply these eighteen pieces of advice, and if you’re going to make your experience better, use their opposite.

1- Never take risks because you may fail, and nobody wants to.

2- Never do any sports because you may get injured, and exercise is a tough thing to do.

3- Don’t watch your diet: healthy food is expensive, and it takes a long time to prepare it.

4- Don’t get into any relationship because you might get hurt.

5- Don’t believe in yourself because people might think you are cocky.

6- Regret because…

Did you ever ask yourself, “Why am I not happy?”

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Did you ever ask yourself, Why am I not happy?

I have all the things that should make me happy, but I am not. Why?

In 2014, I was sitting on my desk, and I asked myself the same questions.

I have a decent job, promising future, social status, and not feeling the happiness I should feel?

I decided that I won’t let this moment pass. I will not let my life go without feeling the feelings I want to feel and having the experiences I want to have.

I started my pursuit of happiness journey. I attended dozens of…

This is me when I was 18

1. Find love!

I’m not saying to force it, but I want you to know that life is more comfortable and enjoyable if you share it with someone who loves you and believes in you. You’ll know it’s love -not lust- if you ask yourself this: “Do I still want to stay with this person after sleeping with them?

2. How you make money is more important than how much money you make!

You will understand this after accumulating some wealth and possessions and discovering that they do not satisfy you.

The Problem is you’ll have spent so much time and effort in a job that you don’t like; then, it will be hard to leave this…

Happiness is an activity, not a prize

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I was twenty-seven and unhappy, then I asked myself, Is that it? Is that what I am going to feel after graduating from college and attaining a decent job with a decent income and social status? Is this the level of happiness I will experience for the rest of my life?

I refused to settle for this mediocre level of happiness, and I told myself if my ultimate goal in life was to be happy, I should dedicate years of my life to studying it. This decision led me to write a book about it.

After finishing the book, I…

The experience that I got from this journey is that all of these methods are amazing, but they have a considerable disadvantage.

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Since I published my first book, The Forgotten Art of Happiness: 52 Ideas That Will Change Your Life, I have tried most publishing methods and platforms. I tried digital self-publishing for ebook and audiobook international distribution; I tried offline self-publishing for bookstores distribution in Egypt and the middle east. Finally, I tried traditional publishing with the Arabic version of the book.

The experience that I got from this journey is that all of these methods are amazing, but they have a considerable disadvantage.

They have a post-marketing strategy that means you write the book, publish it, and start the marketing…

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Why a lot of people feel scarcity when they think about the future?

The future is always unpredictable and uncontrollable. It is out of our hands to direct. Whatever you name, the mind or ego is constantly pursuing prediction, control, and certainty. That is the reason we take more risks when we are on vacation. We do bungee jumping, skydiving, and one-night stands because we want to break out of this silly, dull mind that always wants to predict and control everything. …

We have learned since we were young that hard work pays off. If you want to achieve something, you got to work for it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It has been implanted in our minds that hustling is the way to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Don’t you agree that sometimes letting go is more effective than going after it? Isn’t it fitting that sometimes the things that we go after too hard become farther?

The girl that we die to get is the girl that is neglecting us.

The job that we want the most is always the job…

9 tips for growing an audience on this popular video platform

I am a huge fan of Gary Vee. If you don’t know him, Google him, then continue reading.

For the last nine months, he said on his podcast, keynote speeches, and videos the importance of producing content on TikTok. He noted that TikTok now is like Instagram five years ago.

I decided to go all-in and never look at the views, likes, or number of followers for three months.

I started to post inspirational and informative tips daily.

Here is what I have done.

1- I didn’t judge the platform. Most people see TikTok as a dancing and lip-sync platform…

One of the best guidebooks for modern age authors

Here are 45 lessons I learned from it.

1. The free campaign is gone.

2. Your second book will sell better than your first and the third will sell even better

3. For a good story take a step back and let your characters take over.

4. Write a history for your character.

5. Write the story of the book creation.

6. Writing strategy:

1- Write the first draft for yourself.

2- The second draft say what you mean

3- Polish.

7. Have word count goals.

8. Speed is the place of creativity.


Ali Zakaria

Ali Zakaria, Judge and Best-selling author of the book “The Forgotten Art of Happiness — 52 ideas that ‎will change your life.

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